Press Release: HousingNOLA in search of New Orleans Landlords

NEW ORLEANS – Tuesday, October 20, 2020 – HousingNOLA is working with the Housing Authority of New Orleans (HANO), Unity of Greater New Orleans, Depaul USA, and Louisiana state partners to identify and recruit New Orleans landlords for a new Landlord Incentive Program. The program is designed to create new housing opportunities for residents in need of safe and affordable homes during this COVID-19 pandemic by encouraging and motivating property owners to list vacant units they wish to lease. The initiative has the support of Mayor LaToya Cantrell’s Housing Working Group of the Reopening New Orleans Advisory Panel, in response to developing a long-term post COVID-19 housing strategy.

“Right now, more than 1,600 tenants have housing vouchers, but they still don’t have a place to live, despite having over 19,000 vacant properties in the city,” states Andreanecia Morris, HousingNOLA Executive Director. “We need landlords to see the opportunity here to not only get their units rented at a fair price, but also to do the right thing and help out our community. It’s time to match up the housing insecure with the vacant properties across our city, and the landlords are the glue that will bring it all together.”

“We are excited to expand upon vital partnerships with resourceful organizations and housing advocates to generate more housing opportunities for our residents in locating safe and sustainable homes,” says HANO Executive Director Evette Hester. “This partnership represents an essential method in achieving HANO’s mission to provide affordable housing for low-income residents, and incentivizes property owners to rent their vacant units located in all areas of New Orleans.”

Landlords are being encouraged to participate in the Housing Choice Voucher Program (HCVP), thereby agreeing to lease their units at fair market rate rents. Participating in the HCVP is beneficial to both landlords and renters:

  • Voucher participants benefit by finding quality affordable housing in the City of New Orleans
  • Landlords benefit by receiving guaranteed monthly Housing Assistance Payments (HAP).  
  • Landlords are not limited in the number of units that can be added under the incentive program 
  • HANO will offer a $500 signing bonus to landlords for units leased to new program participants selected from its Tenant-Based and Project-Based Voucher waiting lists. 

Landlords wanting to sign up for the new Incentive Program should contact HANO’s Landlord Liaison Wendy Demery Andrews at or call (504) 670-3488 for more information on the Landlord Incentive Program. To find out how to become a landlord and register your property with HANO, visit

HousingNOLA is also working with to help landlords advertise their vacant properties for free. Tenants in search of properties can use the site to find rental properties in their desired area. Landlords can register for LAHousingSearch online at or by calling 1-877-428-8844 Monday through Friday, 8 a.m.-7 p.m. 



HousingNOLA is a 10-year partnership between the community, leaders, and dozens of public, private, and nonprofit organizations working to solve New Orleans’ affordable housing crisis by implementing the 10-Year Strategy and Implementation Plan. Rather than just being a written document, HousingNOLA is an ongoing initiative to collectively remind New Orleans and its elected officials of the issues we face and our pledge to maintain a plan of action. Data indicates the need for 33,600 additional affordable units in the city by 2025 and the data clearly shows that wages have not come close to mirroring the dramatic rise in housing costs. It’s our job to hold our leaders accountable to the recommendations we make in HousingNOLA.                  

Learn more at

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