GNOHA Releases Candidate Report Card Ranking State Representatives, District 93

NEW ORLEANS – The Greater New Orleans Housing Alliance (GNOHA) continues to challenge candidates to acknowledge the affordable housing crisis and ‘Put Housing First’ initiative by releasing a scorecard ranking candidates in the State Representative, District 93 race.

GNOHA developed a platform for candidates to respond to and pledged to share the results with its supporters.  The platform includes a candidate questionnaire and policy proposals such as adding more dollars to the State Housing Trust Fund; addressing tax relief for low-income homeowners who face increased property assessments; and protection from state pre-emption. The platform also calls on candidates to support public agencies efforts to create affordable housing opportunities.

On Wednesday, February 21, the platform was distributed to candidates with responses due back to GNOHA by Friday, March 2nd.  Throughout the week of March 5 – 9, responsive candidates were asked to participate in an in-depth interview with GNOHA representatives to discuss their survey answers and further explain their positions on the items listed in the platform.

Royce Duplessis, Grade 91% A

Eldon Delloyd “El” Anderson, Grade 82% B

Dan Faust, Grade 70% C

Kenny Bordes, Grade 0% F ***Mr. Bordes didn’t respond to our survey questions before the stated deadline.

A recent poll found that likely voters ranked affordable housing as the second most important issue, behind Public Safety/Crime and ahead of other issues such as Flood Control, Jobs and Economy, and Infrastructure. Ninety-three percent of likely voters agree or strongly agree that access to affordable housing is important for the local economy.  The poll, commissioned by Enterprise with funding from HousingNOLA, the Power Coalition and the Greater New Orleans Foundation, supported in part by the Mary Reynolds Babcock Foundation,  surveyed 500 likely voters in Orleans Parish to gauge perceptions and attitudes concerning housing issues in New Orleans.

A full list of questions can be seen here.

For more information and the full candidate report card, visit


Since its creation in 2007, GNOHA has sought to create change in the Greater New Orleans community through public policy advocacy and public education. The collaborative advocates for the preservation and production of affordable housing for people within the Greater New Orleans metropolitan region and places a special emphasis on the needs of the most vulnerable in society – seniors, people with disabilities, veterans, low-wage workers and low-income families.

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