Call to Action: Entergy New Orleans Rate-Case

Thursday, November 7th  at 10am: Show up to City Council and tell them to put people before Entergy’s Profits 

Entergy New Orleans is undergoing its rate case this year and a resolution was passed in October’s Utility Committee. The item is on the consent agenda, but we still need to make our voices heard. This is an important opportunity for the City Council and stakeholders to have a say in how much electricity costs in the city, and how Entergy recovers those costs. While the resolution will keep the minimum fee at $8.07, it also contains cost-recovery for the New Orleans East gas plant, which ratepayers and consumers will eventually have to pay. The City Council should also not raise Entergy’s return on equity, which has been lowered due to reliability issues. Just yesterday Entergy sent a new misleading letter to the Council, continuing to push for higher profits and “committing” to spend even more of your money without oversight. These tactics should not be rewarded. The Council must put people before Entergy’s profits.

As of 2015, half of the low-income families in New Orleans spend 9.8% or more of their income on utility bills, and a quarter of them spend 18.9%. The national average of income spent on energy bills is 2.3%. We must continue to incentivize energy efficiency through programs like Energy Smart, which met 146% of its energy savings goals for multi-family buildings with 90% of the budget last quarter. Reducing our energy-burdens and demand for excess energy will only help residents while also helping us reach our climate action plan goals. Higher minimum bills make it harder for customers to save money on their bills through energy efficiency, as larger fixed bills disincentivize efficiency and self-generation. 

In the middle of property tax increases, unaffordable water bills, and high insurance rates, please ask the Council Committee #PutHousingFirst and keep a low minimum bill, and not include a hidden rate hike through the Gas Plant, in order to protect customers and encourage greater energy efficiency in the city. If you can physically make it, the meeting will be in the Council Chambers, 1300 Perdido St. at 10am tomorrow. We hope to see you there! 

Please view the sample letter attached to share with the council members below:

Councilwoman At-Large, President Helena Moreno, Chair of Utility Committee – Phone: 504.658.1060, Email:

Councilman At-Large, Vice-President Jason Williams – Phone: 504.658.1070, Email:

District A Councilman, Joe Giarrusso – Phone: 504.658.1010, Email:

District B Councilman, Jay Banks – Phone: 504.658.1020,

District C Councilwoman Kristin Gisleson-PalmerPhone: (504) 658-1030, Email:

District D Councilman, Jared Brossett – Phone: 504.658.1040, Email:

District E Councilwoman Cyndi NguyenPhone: (504) 658-1050, Email:

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