CALL-TO-ACTION: Stop the Bans!

STRs, luxury housing, and parking regulations… Oh my!

It seems that our city has defaulted to establishing Interim Zoning Districts (IZDs) to “fix” all our problems. IZDs enforce short-term rules that seek to stop, deter, or outright ban certain types of development in targeted geographic areas that often turn into permanent regulations via the creation of Overlay Districts.

A recent example is the ongoing conversation around Doubles-to-Dorms conversions in Uptown. The current University Area Off-Street Parking Overlay, that originated from an IZD, was intended to stop Doubles-to-Dorms conversions, but according to an article published in October, this policy has done nothing to stop these conversions. However, the city is still trying to promote parking regulations through – you guessed it – ANOTHER IZD, this time over a bigger geographical area and for two-bedroom households.

Along with the University Area Off-Street Parking Interim Zoning District, two other IZDs are being proposed at today’s City Planning Commission Public Hearing: The Short-Term Rental Interim Zoning District and the Lower Algiers Rural Protection Interim Zoning District. Although these proposals seek to alleviate valid concerns our residents have around STR regulation and the creation of large-scale luxury housing, we believe that establishing overarching bans on all STRs and multi-family housing will be detrimental for (1) struggling homeowners seeking to responsibly generate additional income to alleviate their rising housing costs and (2) affordable housing development.

Our response is plain and simple: IZDs. Don’t. Work.

Our city should come up with more creative solutions to stop the expansion of luxury housing and better regulate STRs, particularly in collecting the tax revenues from STRs to feed back into the community rather than recirculating it back into the tourism industry.

If you are tired of the city using ineffective IZDs and getting no results, let the City Planning Commission know!

WHAT: City Planning Commission Public Hearing 

WHEN: Tuesday, Dec. 13, at 1:30 PM (TODAY!) 

WHERE: 1300 Perdido St, New Orleans, LA 70112 

Agenda Item #7: Short-Term Rental Interim Zoning District (ZD 95/22) 

Agenda Item #10: Lower Algiers Rural Protection Interim Zoning District (ZD 98/22) 

Agenda Item #12: University Area Off-Street Parking Interim Zoning District (ZD 100/22) 

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