CALL-TO-ACTION: Stop Repeating Parking Restrictions Uptown

Wednesday, October 5th, 2022 – Councilmember Joseph Giarrusso is back at it again with another round of parking regulations for new and renovated developments Uptown; this time over a bigger geographical area and for two-bedroom households. 

The current University Area Off-Street Parking Overlay was intended to stop Doubles-to-Dorms conversions, but according to an article published this morning, this policy has done nothing to stop these conversions. After two years of failed policy, it’s time to tell Councilmember Giarrusso to go back to the drawing board and stop jeopardizing our rental housing stock with these countless parking regulations. 

Submit your comments in opposition of MOTION – NO. M-22-449 (Agenda Item #69) BEFORE 8 AM TOMORROW ahead of the City Council Regular Meeting at 10 AM. You can also go to the meeting in person to voice your opposition at 1300 Perdido Street


  • Proposing another University Area IZD is bad policy that promotes poor planning for both affordable housing and reliable public transit. It does not properly solve the issue at hand (excessive student housing development) and will only further displace low-income families and renters from this high opportune neighborhood.  
  • In the wake of hurricanes, I worry for families attempting to rehabilitate their damaged homes under the parking regulations with this proposed IZD. This motion doesn’t take into account the nuanced situations that families and single parents face while trying to combat displacement in New Orleans. Don’t make it harder to keep culture bearers and service workers close to public transit and job opportunities. Please reject this motion. 

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