CALL-TO-ACTION: Tell City Council, Vote No on Rate Increases, Ensure Equitable Energy Access

Wednesday, November 3, 2021 – On Thursday, during the New Orleans City Council’s Regular Meeting, now on the FULL council’s agenda, beginning at 10:00 AM, the council will take up an amendment (Legislation, Items 45a & 47) on the google form below to do two things:

1)      Use the $5Million ARPA Funds from treasury to support gas utility assistance programs

2)      Reduce gas utility cost for residential gas customers

What this means: 

1)      New rates could go into effect this month 

2)      Gas rates could increase

3)      Electric rates won’t go up

The council will take up a resolution (#1 on the google form below) to do four things:

1)       Fuel Adjustments for the November 2021 billing cycle

2)      Purchased Gas Adjustments for the November 2021 billing cycle

3)      Environmental Adjustments for the November 2021 billing cycle

4)      Purchased Power Cost Recovery Adjustments for the November 2021 billing cycle

Click here to make comments on items 45a and 47 before 8:00 AM Thursday

New Orleans City Council – Regular Meeting, November 4, 2021 E-Public Comment Form (

Sample Comment for Item #45A & #47:

I would encourage the City Council to vote for No Rate Increases and support spending $5 million rescue funds for an energy reimbursement fund for residential gas customers.

Sample Comment for Item #1:

New Orleans must begin the important work to develop an actual plan that centers the need of its citizens and doesn’t rely on Entergy to determine what is prioritized as we deal with when we’re asking for necessary federal funds from the Build Back Better Plan.

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