Call to Action: Support the Smart Housing Mix

Tomorrow, the New Orleans City Council will be voting to update the Smart Housing Mix Inclusionary Zoning Maps as recommended by the 2019 study from HR & A Advisors. If this ordinance is passed, it would require multi-family developments in even more areas of the city to have set asides for affordable housing.

We are urging you to #PutHousingFirst by submitting a public comment to the New Orleans City Council and tell them we to pass the ordinance and that we can no longer keep waiting for the Smart Housing Mix to be implemented #FixTheMix

Currently, the HousingNOLA-10 Year Strategy and Implementation Plan estimates the need for 33,600 affordable housing opportunities to meet the growing demand for housing in the city. The Smart Housing Mix is a tool that can help us get there. If the Ordinance had been implemented in 2014, it would have created 126 affordable housing units in New Orleans. This would be major win for affordable housing policy in the city of New Orleans.

While the ordinance has been approved by the City Council has continually been delayed since it was first introduced. This is unacceptable, we can no longer afford to wait.

Submit your public comment for 23a. CAL. NO. 33,113 – By: Council Members Banks and Williams here and find our sample comment below:

“Last year, over half of all renters in the city of New Orleans were cost burdened. With the impact of COVID-19 , I believe that more needs to be done to ensure the safety and housing of New Orleans residents. We can address affordable housing with density through more units. The updated maps will do just that by providing affordable housing in more areas of the city. I urge you, Council Members, to please Put Housing First by passing this ordinance to #FixTheMix”

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