Update: Say YES to #SmartHousingMix and NO to Segregationist Housing Policy

Urge New Orleans City Council to #FixTheMix Now 

Thank you all for your wonderful advocacy yesterday. Because of your help, the council voted to move forward on the #SmartHousingMix, with seven yays no nays, and withdrew MOTION – NO. M-20-251.  

It is important for us to keep pressure on the council, the next time they discuss the #SmartHousingMix we should include:  

  • A requirement to reexamination conducted by a third party to the map every two years  
  • An expansion of strong areas  
  • An inclusion of more areas of the city such as parts of Lakeview, Uptown, and the Garden district 

Your advocacy was helped prevent the council from moving forward on MOTION – NO. M-20-251. We encourage the council to reexamine this ordinance but only after removing any language would that result in segregation or the prevention of affordable housing. Our two jarring concerns would be the exclusion of multi-family units in District A and the by law, re-establishment by right shall be limited to four units. 

Once again, we thank you for your support and thank the council for their effort to #PutHousingFirst! 

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