Participants housed for 3 months, given long-term housing help and support service

NEW ORLEANS – Thursday, May 28, 2020 – HousingNOLA announces the official start of the COVID-19 Short Term Rental Pilot Program, which gives temporary housing and supportive services to the homeless or housing insecure families and young adults during the Pandemic.  The current COVID-19 climate has shone an even brighter light on the need for affordable housing in our city, because as everyone was told to “stay home,” many were asking “where’s that?”

This new HousingNOLA Program offers an immediate answer and provides the support and services to stabilize and secure housing long-term. Program participants are referred through various case management partners and will have their rent and utilities covered for three months while working with Community Navigators to achieve long term housing and sustainable goals.

Yesterday, (May 27th, 2020) a family and a young roommate pair were the first to (separately) enter the program after signing all program documentation and a lease with the landlord. Their new homes are in the Tulane-Broad Corridor.  For the next three months, while living without the burden of rent and utilities, they will receive program support and guidance through case management and navigation to achieve their goals of higher education, career skills building, and housing sustainability. 

“Our process, from referrals to matchmaking to lease signing, is hands on and we are so happy to house the first folks through this program,” said Andreanecia Morris, Executive Director for HousingNOLA. “We are looking forward to continuing to roll out Covid-19 Short Term Rental Pilot Program as there is much more work to be done.”


The program aims to pair supportive services with temporary housing for homeless or housing insecure families and young adults. This pilot program will serve as a model to utilize occupiable units during this COVID-19 emergency. Referred families or roommate pairs will enter a matchmaking process to find an appropriate housing unit. For three months participants in the program will have their rent and utilities covered according to HUD2020 Fair Market Rent valuations by zip code and unit size. Throughout the three months families in the program will receive help from supportive services to stabilize and secure long-term housing. The funding for the pilot was provided by the National Low Income Housing Coalition (NLIHC) and Funders for Housing and Opportunity. 

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